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Your satisfaction is our goal!

For us, tax consulting is more than just preparing finance accounts and payroll accounts, annual financial statements and private tax declarations.
For us, tax consultancy is about CONSULTATION!

Consultation regarding

  • Consultation regarding
  • Business administration
  • Succession plans
  • Choosing the optimal legal form and much more.

For forty years now, we have been serving companies, self-employed persons and small businesses. Our clients also include associations as well as private individuals. Using the most up-to-date office processes, we relieve you of the more burdensome tasks of everyday office life. That is how you gain valuable time for your core business.

Corporate Tax Law

  • Preparation of annual financial statements with/without plausibility assessment
  • Preparation of balance sheets and revenue surplus accounts
  • Preparation of tax declarations for all legal forms and for private individuals
  • Tax planning and tax structuring as well as providing expert opinions on questions regarding taxation
  • Consultation and planning optimal legal forms for companies
  • Reorganization law and reorganization tax law for companies
  • International tax law

Inheritance – Gifts – Corporate Succession

  • Consultation on structuring in consideration of aspects regarding inheritance tax law and gift tax law
  • Consultation on structuring in the case of corporate succession
  • Preparation of gift and inheritance tax returns
  • Providing expert opinions on corporate succession
  • Consultation on pension planning – Life Map

Value Added Tax

  • Consultation and provision of expert opinions on questions regarding domestic and cross-border VAT
  • Input tax distribution – optimization of the input tax proportion rules
  • Rearranging contractual service relationships regarding aspects of VAT
  • Input VAT refund

Financial Accounting

There is more to accounting than just allocating and filing entries on records of accounts. Financial accounting and costs accounting provide central information about the assets, finances and earnings of the company, long before the annual financial statement. Carefully prepared and robust financial accounting serves the entrepreneur as an aid to make decisions, and helps the tax consultant to provide consultation on business management. It also forms the foundation of a high-quality annual financial statement in accordance with commercial law and tax law as well as international standards. What we can do for you:

  • Set up an accounting system
  • Set up cost accounting
  • Completely take over accounting
  • Set up and maintain asset accounting
  • Take over VAT reporting
  • Prepare a comprehensive business analysis (income statement, industry comparison, development surveys, etc.)
  • Consolidated analyses in the case of company groups
  • Support for company payment transactions
  • Consultation regarding self-prepared accounting

Payroll Accounting

Payroll accounting is more than just adding up numbers. It comprises a wide spectrum of separate tasks: In addition to tax aspects, also diverse social security regulations have to be observed. Detailed knowledge of laws, ordinances and guidelines is essential in order to get correct figures. What we can do for you:

  • Set up payroll accounting
  • Prepare payroll documentation
  • Prepare the payroll journals and payroll accounts
  • Process all reporting of income tax and social security
  • Notifications to employers’ liability insurance associations
  • Apply for short-time working allowance
  • Other activities within the context with payroll accounting
  • Preparation, supervision and participation in case of external wage tax audits, social security audits and customs audits
  • Consultation on specific questions, such as wages in the construction industry, mini-jobs, etc.
  • Conducting fiscal objection procedures
  • Representation in front of the Fiscal Court and the Federal Fiscal Court
  • Representation in front of Social Courts and the State Social Courts (§ 28 h and § 28 p SGB IV [German Social Security Code])

Management Consultancy

In addition to our core services, we are also able to assist you in areas of practical business consultation at any time. What we can do for you:

  • Company formation and liquidation
  • Company purchase and sale (evaluation)
  • Preparation of company plans and liquidation plans
  • Company analysis

Representation before Fiscal Authorities and Courts

  • Support and consultation in case of company audits and social security audits
  • Review of tax assessments and submission of appeals
  • Conducting fiscal court processes
  • Consultation and support during special VAT audits.