Company Philosophy

Tax law is complicated, controversial and unjust.Wolfgang Spindler, Former President of the Federal Fiscal Court

German tax law is becoming more and more complicated, despite announcements to the contrary. It is overloaded with many special regulations. The half-life period of laws and regulations has decreased dramatically. Utmost alertness and ongoing advanced training are prerequisites for correct evaluations, consultation and structuring.

For over forty years, in addition to private individuals, we have also been consulting and representing small and medium size enterprises as well as non-profit institutions in fiscal and business concerns. We solve complex tasks, using our tried and tested cooperative relationships with lawyers from various fields of specialization.

“In matters concerning both everyday and highly specialized tax law, as a client, if you WANT TO BE HEARD and UNDERSTOOD, then we are the right contact person for you. We take care of your fiscal matters wherever you need assistance and always act in the best interests of our clients while doing so. This means being quick, thorough, professional, to the point and discrete.

If we think it would be appropriate to seek further advice, we are not afraid to do so. Thus, we are in a position to avail of support from our colleagues. Try us!”

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